Our story. Your dare.

It all began with a dare. The Love Dare, that is. That's the book which
launched from the hit inspirational movie "Fireproof." It was the fall of 2008 when the book and the movie was the buzz. Through it all, married couples
were dared to love with a love beyond themselves -- the love of Jesus Christ. Unconditionally and selflessly. Daily and creative love dares were assigned.

With the impact of the film and the concept of
The Love Dare still in my mind and heart, another dare came to mind. A dare that's the most important dare
of everyone's life. The ultimate dare. The God Dare.

And so this simple, video-driven outreach was born from a heart passionate
for people to know
God personally... for YOU to know God... the God who
loves you... the God of the Bible. 

Because eternity is forever, and there's no changing it once you're there, it's essential that you
settle matters of your soul with the Creator of the universe -- the One who designed you.

Everyone has a soul problem. Thankfully God offers you a sole solution.

So what is our problem? What is God's solution? And why only Jesus?

Knowing the answers are crucial.
Because you can't make up your own spirituality or way to God.
That won't save you.
Jesus Christ said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." 

May you encounter God's
Truth, love and forgiveness He offers, and come to know Him personally through Jesus Christ,
and live for Him as a result of exploring the videos and links at TheGodDare.com. Need a Bible? Free app here.

TheGodDare.com is an independent, non-denominational Christian outreach that stands on the
Bible. Nothing more, nothing less

Why it matters what you believe about God (theology) 

We're all, in a sense, theologians. The question is whether what we know about God (or think we know)
is true.
The creative video clip below effectively answers WHY it matters WHAT you believe. This is foundational for
your life and eternity.
right theology matters. Big-time.