If we could sit down and talk about what's most important in life, 

we would eventually get to matters of your heart and soul. Wherever
you are spiritually, or think you are, you're invited…and challenged…
to take The God Dare.


Does being “religious” earn you a place in heaven? No. How about your church
attendance or the church rituals you’ve gone through? No. How about trying to be good,
or simply believing that God exists? No, none of these will solve the problem of your soul.

You matter so much to God. What better time to see what’s true -- and settle
the status of your soul? It can CHANGE your ETERNITY…and your LIFE.

Life is short and eternity is long, so don’t get this wrong. Watch the video clips.
Check out the links. Get answers. See facts. Make your decision. Take The God Dare.

Enjoy watching the video clips below. And click links on the sidebar and the bottom
of this page to get answers to your questions...and the evidence you deserve!

1.  Do GOOD people go to heaven?
Take this test and see if you're a good person.
Don't miss these!

2.  What is GOD like? Tell me about His love for me.
Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship and KnowGod.org explains.

3.  Why is JESUS the ONLY WAY to heaven? Isn't that narrow?

Dr. Bobby Conway, the OneMinuteApologist and pastor of
Life Fellowship, answers.

4.  If God is GOOD, why is there suffering and evil?

This animated video creatively and accurately answers this age-old question.

5.  Do you believe in a FAKE Jesus OR the REAL JESUS who can save you?

The Jesus of the Bible VS. the "Jesus" of Mormons, JWs, Bahai and Islam

6.  Why doesn't "RELIGION" work? And why do I NEED Jesus?
See author, speaker and EX-Muslim David Nasser's engaging response and story.

7.  Why were people so AMAZED by Jesus when He walked the earth?

View this simple music video featuring clips from the classic film "Jesus of Nazareth"
Click to see evidence that Jesus is God

8.  Why doesn't being
GOOD earn me salvation and heaven?  
Dr. Bobby Conway digs deeper into this crucial question.

9.  Give me some SCIENTIFIC and PHILOSOPHICAL evidence for God.

In this video clip, Dr. Frank Turek gives his "SURGE" argument - The Second Law
of Thermodynamics, the Expanding Universe, the Radiation Afterglow from the Big
Bang Explosion, the Great galaxy seeds in the Radiation Afterglow, and Einstein's
Theory of General Relativity.

10.  How can a God of LOVE send people to hell?
Pastor Greg Laurie tackles this important question.

11.  What does it mean to be a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ, not just a FAN?

The answer...everything! Watch this important message from Pastor Kyle Idleman.
Must-read book and website: NOT A FAN.

12.  How do I get RIGHT with God? How can I KNOW God and FOLLOW Him?
How can I be FORGIVEN
my sins and be assured eternity in HEAVEN?
Pastor Greg Laurie answers. Also see our pages "How to Know God" and "Why Only Jesus"

To get the FREE BIBLE that Pastor Greg mentioned in Video #12, click here.

13.  I just genuinely prayed to God along with Pastor Greg in video #12.
NOW WHAT?? See how to start your NEW LIFE as a CHRIST-FOLLOWER.


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 Understand: Why Christianity is TRUE
See the evidence that God exists, the Bible is true and Jesus is God


Explore these sites for answers to thoughtful questions by skeptics, seekers & Christians:

» GodEvidence.com
    » Retired cold case detective uses investigative tactics on Christianity
» ThePoachedEgg.net   » Answers to 24 hot-button issues from experts at TrueLife.org
» Evidence & Answers   » The One Minute ApologistWebsite | YouTube - Dr. Bobby Conway
» GotQuestions.org   » I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An AtheistVideos | Book/Audio - Dr. Frank Turek

 Watch: From atheist to Christian -- Lee Strobel's story

JESUS SAID, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one
comes to the Father except through me."
-- The Bible, John 14:6

What's the evidence this claim is TRUE? And what does it mean for YOU?

Former atheist and legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, Lee Strobel, shares key points
from his 2-year investigation to try and disprove Christianity. In the end, he became a
Christ-follower. WHY? See evidence and hear his story.
View the 5 video clips below.
1. Investigating the claims of Jesus

2. Evidence that Jesus is God, as He claimed

3. Proof Jesus died on the cross

4. Facts about the resurrection of Jesus

5. Lee discovered the truth about Christianity

Dig deeper into the evidence. Get this resource:

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist is a message you should hear.
Get the updated DVDs with Dr. Frank Turek featuring hours of evidence; or get the original book or mp3/CD.